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Learn polyurethane foam machine foam Principle and purpose

   Polyurethane foam polyurethane foam machine perfusion foaming equipment. Just component polyurethane raw materials (parts of an isocyanate group with a polyether polyol component) performance indicators in line with the recipe requirements. By polyurethane foam machine that is able to produce a uniform, qualified foam products. It is based on polyether polyol and isocyanate blowing agent, catalysts, emulsifiers and other chemical agents exist, through a chemical reaction foaming and prepared foam. Polyurethane foam machine can be used for automotive interiors, wall insulation coating, pipe insulation manufacturing, bicycle and motorcycle seat sponge processing.

   Foamed polyurethane foam machine works:

   A, B two components liquid, the exact ratio and high speed stirring, by two high-precision metering pumps, the A, B two-component material was delivered to each mixing head. After vigorous stirring speed, so that the material was uniformly ejected form the desired product. From dynamic, it is divided into categories: high-speed impeller-type, high-pressure air type, blowing the low pressure type. A complete polyurethane foam machine consists of the following systems: material flow systems, measurement systems, pneumatic systems, heating systems, cleaning systems, the mixing device.

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