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          HSD to 'respect, trust, shaping people' as a corporate philosophy of talent, in order to keep people, educating people. Business success is the outcome of the whole team collaboration, personnel development is the foundation for enterprise development.

     Within the enterprise to establish a fair mechanism in order to achieve respect for people. HSD was a 'democratic' style, both in personnel appointment, compensation and benefits, employee incentives and other institutional or corporate face major decisions and adjustments are reflected in the collective views and wisdom. Business reflected in the personnel appointment 'to maximize the advantages and disadvantages minimized,' the use of personnel; with regular new employee visits, the activities of the group's internal operations and other projects, to build learning platform, create channels of communication.

     HSD to 'establish a learning team' as a strategy to shape talent and thorough new employee orientation, diversification of job training, employee career and business development combine to achieve coexistence and win-win individual and overall development.

     Enterprises designated for each member of a practitioner instructor to help them quickly familiar with the environment, the role of psychological barriers and pressure to convert to a healthy attitude into new work and life. HSD will uphold 'respect, trust, portrays' talent philosophy and the future, create brilliant.